Guide to Extractables & Leachables for ENDS


E-cigarette regulation can be difficult to understand and is often overlooked. However, manufacturers of devices, e-liquids, and components must pay attention or face the rule of law. Between PMTA and TPD2, manufacturers must understand their obligations to user safety to protect their reputations and revenues. Now the PMTA guidelines have been published, they are enforceable

With so many legislative documents out there, it can be tough to understand exactly what’s being asked of manufacturers, especially with regard to extractables and leachables.

This white paper answers the questions many ENDS manufacturers are asking. It covers:

  • Background to extractables and leachables (E&L) analysis
  • What are E&Ls?
  • What do e-cigarette regulations say about E&L?
  • What e-cig/vape components require E&L scrutiny?
  • What are some of the specific E&Ls we should be aware of?
  • What should you do to stay ahead of regulation?

Download the white paper and arm yourself with the info you need to navigate the regulatory landscape.

Hall Analytical is a highly experienced consultative testing partner, supporting E&L assessment every step of the way—from risk assessment and study design through to regulatory submission and beyond. We report findings in a format of your choosing and help you interpret the data with on-going support for as long as you need it. We have helped countless ENDS manufacturers ensure compliance.