Expert analytical testing


Hall Analytical is an ISO17025, GLP accredited product testing laboratory with experience across several key industries. We specialise in extractables & leachables and ENDS product testing.


As we partner with companies around the world, we have worked to ensure that shipping your samples to us is as easy as possible. By following our guidelines and using our selection of documentation templates, we can ensure that your samples arrive quickly and safely so that we can begin testing as soon as possible.


Extractables and leachables are an important area in medical device and medicinal products.
In this COVID-19 world there is urgent testing requirements for new ventilators and for delivery devices for vaccines.
This conference will give you an insight to this ever-changing world of E&L.

With over 25 years’ experience in analytical chemistry, Hall Analytical has a strong reputation for supporting a variety of clients.

We deliver your analysis on time and in the format of your choice.


We regularly release content of various formats that covers many aspects of analytical science – extractables and leachables, nictoine replacement, pharma, single-use devices, and more. Find a selection below or stay up to date, join our mail list.