Our laboratory scientific director, Nick Ordsmith, was recently meant to attend CAC, an agrochemical conference, in Shanghai. 

The coronavirus outbreak has unfortunately infected over 80,000 people (and counting) with nearly 3,000 already losing their lives. On top of people’s health, the virus poses a profound challenge to the lives of millions of people, as transports routes are closed off and borders are restricted.

Worldwide business has taken a hit, with stocks on the cusp of their worst week since 2008, largely due to various restrictions in China. The initial impact on Hall Analytical has already begun with our Chinese representatives, BioReg, responsibly extending holidays to minimise the spread of the infection. Although studies currently underway can continue, with data and reports being sent electronically and communications with clients maintained, we are anticipating difficulties in generating relationships with new customers.

I was due to attend the first major agrochemical exhibition of the year in Shanghai later this month. The CAC exhibition is one of two major events held annually and, through our partnership with BioReg, Hall Analytical is represented as a supplier of GLP analytical studies to enable global registration of technical grade agrochemicals. Attendance at the exhibition allows easy contact and discussions with all major Chinese agrochemical manufacturers due to them all being present in one location. Restrictions on organised gatherings and travel have resulted in the organisers postponing the event for the foreseeable future. Unless things improve soon, it seems doubtful this year’s CAC Exhibition will go ahead since there is another large expo, ACE Shanghai, scheduled for October. If things continue to worsen, the October event may also be postponed or cancelled.

We wish our Chinese partners, their families and friends all the best under these difficult circumstances and hope that the medical services are able to get things back to normal as soon as possible. In order to help as much as we can, Hall Analytical is shipping some boxes of surgical masks to BioReg. They will distribute these amongst their colleagues, family members and vulnerable people in their local community in an attempt to reduce the spread of the virus.

– Nick Ordsmith, laboratory scientific director