ENDS samples shipped from U.S. to UK in under 48 hours

Sending ENDS devices outside the USA for testing is simple with Hall Analytical

At Hall Analytical, we regularly receive ENDS devices sent from the U.S. for testing. For this reason, we have worked to ensure that the process is easy to follow and seamless for our ENDS partners. Recently, an organisation we worked with shipped their samples from the U.S. and we received them in here Manchester, England in less than 48 hours.

Sample Shipping

Case Study – From the U.S. to our lab in Manchester, England in Under 48 Hours

  1. Our client filled out the paperwork on the 22nd Feb at 15:10
  2. Their courier collected it at 19:36 the same day
  3. The package was then transported to the airport and flown to the UK.
  4. It cleared customs on the 24th Feb and was transported from the airport and booked into Hall Analytical in Manchester at 10.59 on the same day

From the U.S. to our lab in just under 44 hours — all because the right processes were put in place. The samples were quickly and carefully analysed and are now being run as part of their regulatory submission study.

The PACT Act

The PACT Act, introduced in late 2020, will prevent the online sale of electronic cigarettes and ENDS to children. The act bans the U.S. Mail shipments of vaping products and requires on-line vape retailers to follow a set of stringent rules concerning age verification, registration with various authorities, tax collection, and record-keeping. This is why some considerations need to be made when sending samples for testing.

We created a simple process to follow and have added all the relevant documentation needed to safely and securely transport ENDS related products to our laboratory. When shipping samples internationally, we assist customers in creating a commercial invoice, preventing any delays at customs. The commercial invoice contains information on tariff codes, an itemized list of the package contents, a description of the package, courier information, special notations, and the purpose of the testing.

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