Nicotine Replacement Product Testing Services

Whether you are a producer of ENDS (Electronic Nicotine Delivery Systems) or e-liquids, Hall Analytical can accommodate all of your analytical testing requirements. Since 2007, we have been leading the field in ENDS testing, from prototype through to final product evaluation.

Our team of highly skilled scientists, with experience and expertise covering a wide range of areas from flavour profiling to extractables and leachables interpretation, provide clients with not only results, but confidence in those results. As a GLP accredited facility, and with a quality system following ISO17025, frequent regulatory, client and internal audits ensure that work is performed to the highest standard, with full traceability from sample receipt to report.

Our comprehensive suite of analytical instrumentation allows us to perform routine testing (using validated, accredited methodologies) for regulatory submission such as TPD2 and PMTA but also gives us the flexibility to tackle any challenges that may arise during your production phase. This extensive experience, expertise and equipment has allowed us not only to keep up to speed with this rapidly changing/evolving market place, but to drive it forward.

What can Hall Analytical do for you?

  • Emissions analysis
  • Extractables and leachables on ENDS and packaging materials
  • Complete data set for TPD2 submission
  • Complete data set for PMTA submission
  • Tox partners
  • Help complete your regulatory submission

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