Medical Device Product Testing

Medical Device Product Testing

Hall Analytical helps manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies bring compliant and innovative medical devices to the market. We do this using ISO 10993-18, and ISO 18562 guidance, conducting chemical characterisation and extractables & leachables testing.

Our knowledge and expertise in these key areas of testing afford peace of mind when bringing products to market. We are experienced in working alongside medical device partners to provide robust data to satisfy leading regulations from agencies such as the FDA and MHRA, as well as notified bodies.

This experience is matched by our state-of-the-art facility which offers all the instrumentation we need to work on all medical device product testing. Product testing of medical devices requires a wide array of analytical techniques, all of which we are equipped to deliver.

Further to our expertise and instrumentation, we have a long pedigree in testing polymeric materials across a wide range of industries, which means we have built extensive libraries and knowledge bases.

We have everything in place to aid you in bringing your medical device to market with only the most precise methods and quality control.




Biocompatibility in the Characterisation of Medical Devices

Read our guest blog from M Richardson & K Krenzer and watch the live Q&A we ran on the subject of biocompatibility in chemical characterisation.

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