International Shipment

When shipping samples internationally it is vital to include a commercial invoice to prevent any delays at customs.

Unsure what to include on your commercial invoice?  Please see guideline below or alternatively download our commercial invoice template to ensure expedient delivery.

If your product contains nicotine – go here

Please ensure samples are packaged appropriately to ensure containment in the event of leakage and all relevant safety data sheets are provided.

Send both the commercial invoice and waybill to: [email protected]


Please include the following information on the commercial invoice. 

Commercial Invoice Details to Include
Quotation Number Note the quotation number(s) and product code(s) previously provided by Hall Analytical
Client (sender) information Sender Name, Address and Phone Number
Hall Analytical (Consignee) Name, Address and Phone Number Hall Analytical Laboratories Ltd
Waterside Court,
1 Crewe Road,
M23 9BE
Tel: 0044 (0) 161 286 7889
Tariff Code Goods imported from outside the UK should detail the tariff code 40 00 C33
Itemised list of the content of the shipment Please detail:
• Quantity
• Description (see description)
• Country of origin for each item
• Value – please enter nominal value of £1 or $1 as these samples will be tested to destruction and contain no retail value
• Tariff Code (40 00 C33)
Description of the package Ex: One (1) cardboard box, containing three (3) container closures
Courier information Courier Name, Waybill Number, shipment date and Sender’s Signature
Special Notation • These products are being imported into the United Kingdom for laboratory testing and destruction.
• These samples are not intended for sale in the United Kingdom.
The purpose of the testing R&D, Product Development, Regulatory Submission etc.