ENDS and e-liquids emissions analysis

ENDS and e-liquid emissions analysis ascertains whether ENDS and e-liquid products are safe, as required by regulation. A comprehensive list of analytes has been determined by regulatory bodies – see the Science Behind the Requirements – as compounds of concern. Before going to market, ENDS and e-liquid products must comply with regulation. 

Aerosol samples are generated using a Cerulean SM450e vaping machine, using a regime based on CORESTA Recommended Method No 81: puff volume, duration, interval, and profile. All these parameters (along with puff block – the number of puffs taken) can be verified and adjusted as required due to the flexibility of the instrument. It’s the best instrument for the job. 

The CORESTA extraction and analysis methodologies were developed during the course of testing traditional tobacco products. However, vaping is different to traditional tobacco smoking, due to:

  • The presence of large amounts of propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) can cause saturation/interference issues at the point of collection and subsequent analysis.
  • The emission can condense easily post aerosolisation meaning that the dead volume between the mouthpiece of the device and the collection medium must be kept to a minimum.
  • The quantity of devices on the market, which vary in shape and forms of actuation—button or puff activated.
  • Changing emission profile which depends on the power applied to the device and the stability of battery output.
  • The multiple collections required to generate samples for the whole suite of testing; e.g. the nicotine dose sample would not be amenable to analysis for carbonyl compounds.

As such, our approach reflects. We won’t compromise on selectivity and sensitivity by trying to develop a method which would encompass the entire list of target analytes using just one collection medium (e.g. cambridge filter pad or thermal desorption tube). With this mentality, we also refuse to compromise the quality of our data by trying to analyse for all of the compounds using one analytical run. We evaluated multiple techniques for each type of test in order to ascertain the most selective and sensitive methods (grouping analytes together where possible) whilst also bearing in mind preparation and acquisition times to keep costs at a minimum.

The result is a product testing lab that has already rigorously found the right method for your product, to ensure efficient testing that keeps your products safe. Sound good? Get in touch.

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