Additional Services

As well as extractables and leachables testing and ENDS & e-liquids analysis, we have a number of other areas of expertise. With a huge list of instrumentation alongside a wealth of knowledge an experience, we can provide expert analytical testing in these 6 key areas.

5 Batch Analysis – Agrochemicals

Method Development, Validation, and Technology

Polyurethane Foam Analysis – CetriPUR/EuroPUR

Environmental Analysis – Dioxins, Furans, PAHs, & PCBs

Analytical Equipment & Instrumentation

Mass Spectrometry Instrumentation


Our approach to working with clients is simple and well defined – understand your needs and exceed your expectations.

We achieve this using a process that has allowed us to deliver business critical data to our clients, both large and small, for the past 20 years;

  • Work with you to fully understand your requirements and clearly define the analytical scope and deliverables
  • Develop a study plan and have you approve the workflow
  • Include Milestone exit points throughout the workflow of more complex projects to lower your overall risk
  • Discuss project progress at regular intervals and consult on major project decision points
  • Generate the highest quality data, on time and deliver your information in a world class report
  • Ensure you fully understand the results produced and assist you to contextualise the data and use it in an appropriate way

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